How to create documents for passing identity verification on Facebook.

Hello everyone! Team leader here.

In this article, I'll share my experience on creating quality documents and passing ID verification (identity confirmation) so that your accounts can successfully navigate various checks and bans. To start, let's understand what "identity verification" is and in what cases Facebook asks for this check. In simple terms, identity verification is the process of document verification by Facebook. That is, Facebook deemed your actions on the account suspicious and requested a photo/scan of one of your documents to ensure that you are the real owner of the account.

Cases in which Facebook may require identity verification:
1. Within 1-5 days after launching an advertisement (this depends on Facebook's mood because sometimes the account goes into document verification immediately after entering the advertising account or after creating a Business Manager).

2. When attempting to unban a banned account.

3. When undergoing Advertising Activity Prohibition (AAP). What happens if you fail to pass identity verification:
It will be impossible to create a new advertising campaign from this social account. Facebook often does not allow unbanning of banned ad campaigns from social accounts where identity verification has not been completed.If Facebook rejects your documents during AAP, you will not be able to pass AAP.

Factors influencing the passage of identity verification:

1. Quality/uniqueness of the document.
2. Account trustworthiness.
3. Facebook's mood.

Now let's delve into each point in more detail.

Quality/uniqueness of the document is 80% of the success in passing identity verification. The document must be unique (not template-based) and professionally crafted in Photoshop. Account trustworthiness. There is a hypothesis that the success of passing identity verification depends on how well the account is farmed and how many violations of Facebook rules have been committed by this social account. But this is just a hypothesis because there are moments when even the simplest auto-generated documents pass verification easily. Facebook's mood. Sometimes the success of passing identity verification depends on Facebook itself. There are periods when identity verification is passed in almost 100% of cases with fake documents from a generator. And there are times when you can't pass identity verification with real documents. Facebook sometimes tightens the screws, sometimes loosens them. Today, we'll focus on the first point, i.e., the quality/uniqueness of documents. Based on our extensive experience in account farming, we've developed an algorithm for creating documents that are more likely to pass identity verification.

Algorithm for creating quality documents:
1. First, we need to buy good PSD templates. As documents, you can use passport/id card/driver's license. The document template should ideally match the geo-farming. You can buy quality templates here:

2. Next, open the purchased PSD template in Photoshop, transfer all the necessary information from the Facebook social account to the documents name, surname, date of birth, country, and other information required for a particular document.

3. In addition to transferring information, randomize all the numbers present on the documents (various numbers and codes)
Insert the photo of the document owner (the photo for the documents should preferably be taken from the Facebook profile picture + remove the background via + if necessary
Make the photo black and white + apply the "Multiply" blending mode to the photo in Photoshop + select a background for our documents).
An example of a Facebook profile and the documents created for it is provided below.

4. After creating the documents, it's essential to make them unique by adjusting the scale, position on the page, rotating the document itself, applying various effects such as shadows, color overlays, embossing, internal and external glows, changing the angle and transparency of the shadow, using different handwritten fonts for signatures, and so on. It's crucial to give the document maximum uniqueness because Facebook quickly recognizes patterns. Therefore, the more unique your document is, the higher the chance of passing ID verification.
5. To add even more uniqueness to the document, you can apply a gradient overlay in Photoshop to our photo and make it transparent.


As a final note, I will attach several photos of ready-made documents for Facebook as examples successfully passed the identity verification
Bulgaria ID
India e-PAN card
Ghana ID
France ID